Cosmonaut Radio

By focusing on an upbeat blend of funk, modern rock and old school R&B, Cosmonaut Radio creates a sound that is fresh, familiar and inventive, weaving a tight melodic groove with subtle rhythmic complexities.
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Cosmonaut Radio gave a brilliant west coast performance in downtown Fullerton’s’ The Night Owl Café. The crowd loved the bands vibe, songs, and amazing musicianship. They are a band to watch with a future

Rudy Chavarria

CEO – College Web Media
Cosmonaut Radio is definitely a musician’s type of band…the intricate and complex nature of the compositions and the stunning punch that they play with is the kind of thing musicians love to listen to themselves…this was a fantastic journey into the true love and depths of music, obviously made by incredible talents and people that genuinely enjoy every moment of performing.


Owner, Sleeping Bag Studios
The album “Work Harder, Comrade!” will have your musical atoms disintegrated and reformed, stronger, faster, smarter…and funkier. You will be transmogrified into a groovier being. The album is focused on an upbeat blend of funk, modern rock, and old school R&B.

Jacob Aien

With five tracks in total on Work Harder, Comrade!, I would not expect anything less than...A journey, a ride and destination of arrival that is familiar of a different time...Delving into yesterday's sound with a front of tomorrow, this record is brilliant.

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