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Come see us at the CBGB FESTIVAL!

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The Pyramid Club
Friday October 10th


Thank you to EVERYONE who voted and made THE COSMONAUTS  the BAND OF THE MONTH at!


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The Cosmonauts Live from The Bitter End!


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Join us at Fontana’s to celebrate ‘Take Me To Your Leader’
9pm: booze
1030pm: music
CD give aways and t-shirts galore, throughout the night!
Fontana’s Bar
105 Eldridge St

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Come to the Delancey for some Cosmo drinks and Cosmo tunes!
Cocktails at 6:30
Dancing at 7:30
168 Delancey St

The Delancey

MEET the New Cosmonaut at our Halloween Eve Hump Day Extravaganza!



Cocktails 6.30
Band 7.30
Tammany Hall 152 Orchard Street




Thursday, July 18th @ 7:00 PM

Join the ‘Nauts for some after work cocktails and spacey funk tunes at Ella Lounge!


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Cosmonauts Return from Deep Space for Sullivan Hall Gig

The Cosmonauts will briefly return from deep space for a one-night only gig at Sullivan Hall in NYC on June 7.  Come join them as they refill their Soyuz rocket with beer at 8:30PM, and stick around for  a rock n’ roll explosion at 9:30PM!



The Cosmonauts to Headline The Bitter End

The Cosmonauts will be headlining NYC’s legendary Bitter End on Saturday, April 6.  Show at 10:30PM and pre-performance beering with the band at 9:30PM – come on out!



The Cosmonauts Claim Responsibility,  Apologize for Siberian Meteor Shower

STAR CITY, MOSCOW OBLAST – World-reknown rock band The Cosmonauts have taken full responsibility for a recent bus-sized meteor that exploded over the Ural Mountains on Friday, raining space debris over a wide swath of Siberia. “During the course of partying after our most recent show at Sullivan Hall in New York City, a sudden surge in the level of Jameson aboard Space Station Mir trigged a system malfunction, redirecting the meteor towards Earth. We vow to more carefully monitor the highly sensitive equipment aboard Space Station Mir during intensive partying excursions”, said the band in a statement released Monday.

The shockwave from the meteor resulted in significant property damage and injuries to over 1,000 Siberian citizens. “We apologize for any inconveniences caused by the meteor shower”, stated Cosmonaut Pharaoh of Lead Guitar Matt Prescottano. “Given the cutting-edge rock and roll research aboard Space Station Mir, however, we cannot guarantee that future cosmic impacts will be avoidable”.



The Cosmonauts Interviewed by Warped Mag


The Cosmonauts’ interview on

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